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Postmodernism: A Lost Opportunity Posted on April 10th

If postmodernism criticism (and postmodernism itself)  doesn’t believe in truth, essences, or fixed meanings, then why is it so dull?  My own sense of the world is that there is some truth that my writing and ideas must submit to.  I am restricted by what I think is true.  But postmodernists have no such problem.  If there is no truth, why not write in the most bold and wild way?  Why not make foolhardy from-the-gut pronouncements?  As a philosopher friend of mine wisely stated: “If postmodernists don’t believe in truth, then why are they so didactic?  Why not write like Nietzsche?”   Why not, in other words, write tomes completely unmoored by accuracy or popular opinion?  Why not write criticism like an artist?   


There should be some sublime liberation in losing all truth–some sweet indulgence in the idlest of ideas.  Instead, postmodernists pride themselves on the disciplined practice of their work.  Though Postmodernism envisions meaning as a free for all, their methodology implies a nostalgia for truth.   They are, in Sartre’s words, “condemned to be free” and their crticism is the marks on their cell-walls. 

P.S. Guess what this most postmodern image is.

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Some Responses to “Postmodernism: A Lost Opportunity” :

  1. It’s micro-cellular imagery - bacteria , I think.

    Commented ahab on April 11th, 2007.
  2. Close…it is micro cellular…but it is the image of a brain of some creature–an animal very useful to humans because of its simularity to us.

    Commented admin on April 12th, 2007.
  3. Hehehe, knowing the proclivities of the author, I am guessing a rat?

    Commented DSYoungEsq on April 24th, 2007.
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